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Working with Body Language – half day – £200

What Is a Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication Course?

This half day session is all about all the ways that we communicate and ‘put things out there’ – because words are only part of the story!

It’s about equipping professionals to deal with the way people act, the way people use their body, and with the range of other things that come under the heading of ‘non-verbal communication.’

What Will I Learn?

The first thing we always say is, forget what you’ve seen on TV and in the movies. You can’t look at somebody for a minute or two and figure out what they had for breakfast, what they’re hiding, and what’s going on in their private life.

You shouldn’t turn up to these courses expecting to leave with magic powers! But there is a lot that you can learn:

You can learn how to pick up signs that somebody is comfortable (or not comfortable) in a situation.

You can learn how to use your own body language to make a person feel more comfortable.

You can learn to spot the signs that somebody might be hiding something or being dishonest.

You can learn to spot which parts of a conversation or proposal somebody is more – or less – excited about.

You can learn how to gauge somebody’s general level of confidence and how they feel in a situation.

You can learn how to create the right impression when you’re with clients, students, potential employers.

We’re always quick to tell people that this isn’t an exact science. You shouldn’t rely on body language on its own, but it can really help.

It can help you to create an impression, to read a room, to make a sale, to put someone at their ease and gain their trust, or to get that job you’ve been wanting.

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