When we run our Level 2 or 3 Safeguarding Courses in Cumbria and elsewhere, we try to give people some useful web links and other resources. Here are some of the main ones, in no particular order:

Channel Guidance – Government strategy for spotting people at risk of radicalisation and being drawn in to terrorism. Part of the government’s Prevent strategy.

AntiSlavery.org – Resources around modern slavery, including Modern Slavery and trafficking.

What is Child Abuse? – Resources from NSPCC, looking at Types of Abuse, Spotting the Signs, information around Reporting etc.

Non-recent Abuse – Advice from NSPCC on what it is, what effects it has, and how to report it.

Safeguarding Children and Child Protection – Another resource page from the NSPCC.

The Ten Categories of Abuse and How to Handle Them – A brief summary from Educare.

Safeguarding Matters – Sign up for the Educare Safeguarding Newsletter.

The Lamming Report – This is an important document in the recent history of Safeguarding. The report followed the death of Victoria Climbie, and made 119 recommendations, most of which were enacted and are still in effect.

The Children’s Act (2004) – The key piece of legislation regarding the safeguarding of children. Working With Kids, has a brief summary of the main points here.

A Brief Guide to ‘Every Child Matters’ – ECM isn’t very ‘current’. The safeguarding world has largely moved away from it, but it is still useful to know about as its ‘Five Key Principles’ are still employed as a teaching aid and framework.

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